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Why Every Black Vendor Should be on Melanin Markets

Reason number 5 is the game changer!

If there’s one thing every entrepreneur DREAMS of is for their business to be AUTONOMOUS.

How would you feel when all you have to do is sit down and give instructions while money trickles into your bank account?

You just offer your products and everything else gets handled for you.

No stress.

I’d be exhilarated! ?

Well, that’s what MelaninMarkets.com is all about.

Making business for black entrepreneurs a walk in the park.

It’s NOT your typical ecommerce store. This is a new wave galvanizing black-owned enterprises to tap into their rich potential that they’ve been deprived for so long.

Black is our business, and we’re here to make that clear.


1. Unique marketing strategies to boost sales

We are departing away from the norm.

We are revolutionizing how black-owned enterprises tap into the melanin community and keep the dollar circulating within it.

It’s time for our own market to get a share of the world.

Our marketing strategies will guarantee you highly motivated buyers ready to buy your products.

2. Decreased costs

We’ve made sure to minimize costs and purged out unnecessary costs for all businesses.

At Melanin Markets, every business has an equal voice and gets an equal share of the cake.

At only 8% commission of sales, it can’t get any better than that.

3. Social Media Promotion

Here, we don’t leave vendors to fend for themselves.

We get in the trenches together with them and go spread the word out.

You will receive unlimited exposure in our social media channels for greater recognition.

Because once you become a vendor at Melanin Markets, you become part of Melanin Markets.

4. Ease of doing business

Melanin Markets is simple to use.

Our automated inventory management, order processing, payments, and tracking, offers you a simple way to sell online.

Even the least tech-savvy person is able to sell their products with us.

And our customer service representatives are awesome! Your queries get responded to in a flash of a second.

There are no barriers to entry as long as you’re made of black. ?

5. Black loyalty

And now to our holy grail, you gain black loyalty.

Melanin Markets is quickly becoming the marketplace for all black people.

It’s going to be our own economy where our dollars stay with us.

Black consumers will want to support their own and they’re swiftly migrating away from other e-commerce sites.

And with the competition from other racial demographics eliminated, you will always have an upperhand for your business.

In summary, on top of the usual benefits of any other ecommerce site, Melanin Markets Vendors get:

  1. Special marketing strategies tailored for black businesses
  2. Decreased costs
  3. Social media exposure
  4. Ease of doing business
  5. Black loyalty

So what are you waiting for?

It’s never too early!

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