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Melanin Markets is an online marketplace designed specifically for black businesses.

We’re focused on delivering ecommerce services perfectly tailored for black business owners all over the world.



Our reach extends beyond the USA to other countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Our virtual shelves provide unlimited space to all sorts of businesses, supporting every kind of product, from digital items such as music titles and books to other physical products.

Every business in our platform will benefit from increased market access in melanin communities, improved and enhanced delivery services, reduced cost of business, enhanced customer support, customer loyalty, business reviews, and much, much more.

Melanin Markets Services

  1. Providing virtual space for products.
  2. Marketing efforts to bring in consumers in the platform.
  3. Packaging and delivery services.
  4. Order processing.
  5. Returns processing
  6. Quality assurance
  7. Business reviews
  8. Payment processing
  9. Business support
  10. Financial management guidance
  11. Advertisement

Why we are different

  • Research by Havard Business Review has shown that black people get discriminated against in both physical and online marketplaces based on their skin color. For example, vendors/consumers with “black-sounding names” get charged higher rates, receive higher criticism, and are denied some services.
  • Melanin Markets is entirely focused on removing such barriers for black business owners and creating a fair equitable marketplace for all businesses to thrive.
  • Our policies ensure that all individuals are subject to the same rules with no sacred cows
  • At Melanin Markets, every business is important, from the smallest to the multinationals. We take great care to respond to all queries and take action almost immediately on any reported issues.  

What products can I sell on Melanin Markets?

Melanin Markets supports all kinds of products from physical items to digital properties subject to prevailing laws and policies of each state or country.

It’s an all-inclusive online marketplace for all black business owners to share a market with loyal black consumers and increase economic empowerment for our Melanin Economy.

With competitive prices, swift efficient deliveries, and minimum charges and rates, Melanin Markets makes it easier for even the brick and mortar businesses of the world to sell their products online and earn enough profits.


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