The Black Insurance Mogul: Ashley Jackson Leave a comment

They say in business, always overestimate the costs and underestimate the revenues. That’s precisely what Ashley Jackson preaches. Black-owned businesses are some of the least insured businesses and she’s out here to change the narrative.

As the founder of Funeral Advocates of America, she has amassed a great deal of experience in the insurance industry. Why did she start an insurance company in funeral services?

Because death is a major financial stopper for most black homes. When the breadwinner dies, gets injured, or loses their job due to incapacitation, these homes become almost obsolete. Funeral Advocates of America strives to help individuals plan for such untimely events and keep them on track even when they do happen. Small businesses, especially, are advised to have some form of insurance to cushion them from catastrophic events that may choke their businesses.

Jackson believes that insurance can help black families in creating wealth even for future generations when well integrated with their businesses. With a plethora of policies from her insurance firm, every household, business, big or small, stands a chance to experience a stress-free end of life ceremony.

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