Starting Your Melanin Shop

Put your products and services in front of MILLIONS of people waiting to black-owned businesses like yours! 

Table of Contents

Preparing You For Success!


Choose the plan that is right for you to get started on Melanin Markets

  1. Complete the vendor registration form
  2. Verify your email address
  3. Complete the setup wizard

When going through the setup wizard, it is important that you connect both your PayPal account and Stripe account as these will be the two methods of payment offered to your customers when purchasing from your shop.

You have the option of having your earnings deposited via PayPal, Stripe, or direct deposit.

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How Do We Compare To Other Online Marketplaces?

A Glimpse into the Vendor Dashboard

Once you register to sell on Melanin Markets, you will have access full access to your Vendor Dashboard.


Here are a few things you can do from your Vendor Dashboard:

  • Keep track of orders and inventory.
  • Create bundles and deals to attract more customers to your store
  • Provide personalized customer support
  • Monitor and moderate reviews
  • Receive daily reports of your sales, earnings, page views, orders, and more.

Vendor Features

Product Inquiry – This allows customers to ask product questions from the frontend so you can provide a public answer. Product Inquiry makes it more convenient for others who may have similar questions.

Geolocation – Customers can search for products in their specific area allowing them to not only support globally,  but more locally owned black businesses.

Follow Store – Customers have the ability to follow their favorite stores and receive daily digest emails about any updates from your store. This helps increase profits for your business by putting you right in front of your audience!

Digital/Virtual Products – Sell digital downloads (ebooks, courses, files, etc) and virtual services (coachings, courses, social media services, etc)/

Wholesale – Sell your product at a larger quantity at a lower price. Set your price and minimum price allowed for both simple products and variable products. Customers will have to apply to become wholesale customers from their account page to view wholesale prices.

Store Support – Your customers have access to a ticket-based support system right on your store page which you can view from the vendor dashboard. You will be able to see their order number, title, customer name, status, issue date, and more, allowing you to support them better. You can also re-open any closed tickets to continue the conversation where it left off.

Return and Warranty – Offer a customized return and warranty policy for your customers. You will be able to choose what type of warranty you want to offer for your products if any. 

Staff Manager – Manage a team by creating unlimited online staff accounts with restricted access, allowing your team to work remotely. You can control what permissions your staff is granted like the ability to like manage orders, products, reviews, withdraws, and even more.

ShipStation – Automate your shipping process with Shipstation. Not only do they offer discounted shipping through most major carriers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, ect., bu  they allow you to send custom tracking templates with your branding on it.

Vacation Mode – If you are going on vacation or need a break from business, you can temporarily disable your store taking your products offline so no purchases can be made while you’re away.