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When Leslie Crawford first started Exposed Books Publishing, LLC in 2013, she didn’t know she’d become an inspiration to many young budding black authors. She first started off in the finance industry where she had a good run for 14 years, before deciding to follow her passion: writing.

But starting out as an author proved a hard nut to crack.

“When I finished my first book I tried the traditional publishing route but it didn’t work.”

She feels the traditional “sign a contract to get published” way of doing things are long gone. The internet has brought with it immense possibilities that this young generation should be taking advantage of.

“At one point I got frustrated because I knew my book was good enough to be published but no one was interested.”

And that’s when it dawned on her that she might not be the only one whose dreams have been frustrated. Hence the birth of Exposed Books Publishing.

Exposed Books Publishing, LLC is based in Baltimore, Maryland. It helps new and established authors in self-publishing their books as well as guiding them on various techniques to become successful self-published authors.

She has managed to create over 7 streams of income by writing one book, and she now has over four self-published novels. These include “The Forbidden Fruit I & II,” “But He Loves Me,” and “Coach Mum.”

She’s a mom, loves roller coasters, and enjoys spending her sunday afternoon on the couch with leggings and a t-shirt.

For all young black authors looking to publish their books, she’s your go-to self-publishing guru. Get in touch with her and go make your dreams come true. 

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