How Are Sellers Protected From Fraud On Melanin Markets?

Fraud Protection

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Learn how you are protected as a buyer and seller on Melanin Markets

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When you sell on Melanin Markets you are protected by policies, account security, data protection, and transaction monitoring.
We focus on risk management to spot potential problems before they become one, using world-class technology that performs a comprehensive fraud validation around the clock.

Melanin Markets protects you so you can focus on your business

How We Protect You

Account Security

We strive to keep your information and business safe and do so by always monitoring for threats and risks on our site. If we detect fraudulent activity or that an account has been comprised, we will immediately limit account access and contact you.

Protecting Your Brand

As small black-owned businesses, your reputation is everything. We encourage you to always provide the best customer service possible to protect your brand and in-turn we will monitor customers that may have ill intentions or abuse our review system.

Dispute Resolution

If for any reason a seller and buyer have a conflict that cannot be resolved between one another, Melanin Markets will step in on your behalf and attempt to resolve the dispute. We strive to protect our sellers at all times.

Report a buyer

If a buyer is being unreasonable, aggressive, verbally abusive, suspicious, or overall makes you uncomfortable. We ask that you report them. Doing so could be protecting not only your brand but the Melanin Markets community.

Fraud Analysis and Interception

Our team and automated detection system is working around the clock to intercept and stop fraudulent activity. For sellers using Melanin Markets Payments, if a fraudulent or unauthorized transaction occurs, Melanin Markets can often resolve the issue without needing to contact you.


Make Secure Transactions Using Melanin Markets Payments

Melanin Markets wants to offer a little more peace of mind for seller’s eligible for our Seller Protection program. Using Melanin Markets Payments, increases your sales through ease of purchase and adds an extra layer of protection from fraudulent transactions. 
Payments processed through Melanin Markets Payments provide Melanin Markets with more information to help investigate transactions, disputes, chargebacks, and cases filed against sellers.
Learn more about our Seller Protection Policy.