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6 simple ways to transform your small business into a brand

What’s the difference between a brand and a business?

One is a profit generating machine, while the other is a problem solving entity.

Now, consumers don’t care about your business.

They care about how their problems are going to be solved.

And your business won’t show that to them, but your brand will.

And that’s where most businesses fail even before they launch.

They focus on the business aspects and forget to brand themselves.

And you, black businesses, shouldn’t fall into that trap.

And here’s how to transform your small business into a brand.

1. Make your vision and mission clear

Human beings are purpose-driven.

We’re always looking for the why.

  • Why should I buy this?
  • Why are they selling this?
  • Why does it cost this much?

And if you can make it clear what your intentions are for the consumers, you’ve already won their hearts.

How do you make this clear?

  • Use a catchy tagline for your products.
  • Your mission statement should be visible in all your communication channels. Show it up on your website, your social media channels, and even in your products.
  • Let your message be consistent throughout.

2. Sell solutions, not the products

Most budding businesses put so much effort on the products they offer that they forget what they’re trying to solve.

So when you’re building your business, your focus should be to create a solution and sell that solution. The product is just the conveyer.

For instance, there’s a ton of beauty products out there. But if your business is creating something similar, address that problem that other products haven’t met.

Then when selling the products, talk about the solution they offer to your consumers problem. And you’ll occupy a special place in your consumer’s hearts.

3. Have a consistent brand image

For you to have a successful brand for your business, you must be consistent. Remember you’re trying to catch people’s attention and retain it.

The more memorable you are, the greater your brand equity.

  • Have a consistent theme color.
  • Have a simple catchy logo.
  • Make your product designs unique.
  • Use a consistent tone of voice.
  • Own a website or ways for consumers to reach you.

4. Be Unique

There’s no need for you to build a business that is going to be exactly similar to one that already exists.

But if you do, then branding will be your only saving grace. Remember, you want to isolate yourself from the rest in the minds of your consumers.

So make your brand identity completely unique by avoiding copying other businesses. Try and focus on those unique aspects of your business and hone in on them. Those are what will keep your customers coming back to you.

5. Exploit social media

The old days of spending millions of dollars on ads in the mainstream media is way past us. We have social media where even with just $10, you can get word out about your business. And it’s measurable, has greater engagement levels, and is flexible.

While the big brands are struggling to advertise on mainstream media, take advantage of the 3 billion people on social media and market directly to them. Remind them you exist and why your products will solve their problem.

Social media is powerful because it keeps the conversation going, and ain’t nothing better than a good word of mouth for a business.

6. Promptly deal with grievances.

Another thing that crushes small businesses even before they sprout up is how they deal with aggrieved consumers.

Now is not a time to show your ego. Be humble when you receive negative feedback and use it to improve your business.

New consumers are especially skeptical of budding businesses as they haven’t built that trust yet. If you can demonstrate that you’re not out to rip anyone off, then you’ll have a loyal customer base. And you know retaining a customer is easier than acquiring a new one.

All in All

Your brand identity is what will keep your business moving. Give it a lot of attention when setting up your business. Do not be driven by profits, because once your consumers identify with your brand, making money will be a smooth sail. So just to recap, here’s how to transform your small business into a brand:

  • Have a clear vision and mission statement
  • Sell solutions
  • Be consistent with your brand image
  • Be unique
  • Exploit social media
  • Deal with negative reviews

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