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I will be removing all KC POD products from my store. The products are *mostly* good but they have zero customer service.
I have emailed repeatedly with no answer and when I get a reply you can tell they haven’t read it and are just trying to make you go away. I’ve placed 3 orders. All shipped more than 5 business days.
My most recent order is on biz day 6 with no update. My second order arrived 2 days ago REEKING of Spray paint and the invoice was only half printed because they ran out of ink. I will not let a company put that presentation out under my company’s name.
It’s a shame because my first order was beautiful, even if late. Let’s add that they had links to all their “ethical” certifications and inspections that were broken and when I requested them they stopped assisting me in any capacity and pulled them from the website.
Look at their other responses to customers here, that is what you can honestly expect. They WANT to be a POD provider but that requires communication that they lack. At best they would make an okay mfr if you can prepurchase and ship on your own.
Really sad, because I loved my first order and would have been a raving fan if they were honest and answered me.
I’ve given you over $1200 in a month and I’m ignored. I’ll take my business elsewhere I guess since you can’t tell me when my customers product will ship. Last week it was being escalated to management but I never heard back, interesting.

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