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Meet the 8-year-old boy from Ohio making a difference with his new enterprise. You’d think he hasn’t lived long enough to understand how the world works, but you’d be wrong. This young entrepreneur, Lil Dee, understands the importance of reinforcing positive messages to his brown agements.

With racial tensions at an all-time high in America, Lil Dee is finding a new way to participate in the agenda with his new startup, Our Brown Boy Joy.

Our Brown Boy Joy is a monthly subscription box that sends out specially picked items to brown boys with reinstating messages about their self-worth. Twice each month, subscribers receive a box with  carefully sourced items reinforcing strong social messages.

“I want brown boys to be proud of who they are. I want brown boys everywhere to know just how special they are. My subscription boxes and character line will allow boys to have items that directly represent them. I know when I go into the store, nothing looks like me or represents me – this is a problem.”

Young boys are adventurous, always seeking items that best represent them. However, for brown boys, it’s difficult to find such items, and most of these boys end up frustrated and feeling neglected. Our Brown Boy Joy intention is to seek out products that best represent its ideals, boost self-esteem, and create an environment where these boys feel loved, appreciated, and at home.

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