About Us

The Story

Melanin Markets is not your typical ecommerce site. We are for our people, by our people! 

Ours is a story deep-rooted in the philosophy of equality, women empowerment, non-discrimination and economic empowerment of marginalized black businesses and markets.


Melanin Markets was founded with the intention of bringing businesses together owned and operated by people in our melanin communities.  


Our story begins at the helm of the West African Civilization from where we derive our logo, The Bese Saka.

The Bese Saka (a sack of cola nuts) was the economic driving force for this West African civilization that led to its economic emancipation. Since then, it’s been viewed as a symbol of affluence, power, abundance, plenty, togetherness, and unity.

As a successful cash crop, the cola nut improved the standards of living of the indigenous West Africans from which Kashari Williams and Egypt Boykins, Founders of Melanin Markets, believes this to be a great example of unity and abundance.

Why Choose Melanin Markets?

Melanin Markets believes that all businesses are entitled to thriving in the online space regardless of their background, racial diversity, or financial power.

At Melanin Markets, every vendor, every seller, every business, and every customer has an even level playing field. We have lowered all barriers of entry for everyone.

Melanin Market’s vision is to make ecommerce easy for black-owned businesses, galvanize our voice as one, and use that power to influence the world against racism, fascism, and gender-based discrimination.

It is where the story of the online economic freedom fight begins. We believe together, we’ll make an impactful effect on the world. 


Melanin Markets Intentions

Yeah, these are our only intentions!

  1. Laser-focused marketing strategies to never-before accessed markets.
  2. Increase your reach and galvanize your voice as a powerful force in the ecommerce world.
  3. Raise alarms against discriminatory activities in the online commerce world.
  4. Distribute all types of products to marginalized communities in the USA and beyond devoid of racial profiling.
  5. Enhance marketing efforts for all our businesses to bigger markets and ensure every business/vendor gets a share of the cake.
  6. Minimize cost of doing business in ecommerce for all types of business.
  7. Offer financial advice and knowledge to help improve the economic conditions of all vendors and businesses.
  8. Empower our people to venture into trade for financial freedom and economic empowerment.


We’ll shower you with all of our attention! If you’re looking for an economic family, Melanin Markets is what you need.